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Frequently Asked Questions

The patients can continue any form of treatment for ED their doctor has prescribed. There is no need for trimix injection in most patients. In men with retractile penis (obesity, small penis size) taking Viagra, Cialis or Levitra may help with the fullness of the penis during procedure and allow to deliver treatment along the entire length of the penis.

Patients should consume oral medications 1-2 hours prior to treatment. There is no need for Trimix in most patients.

The patients should consume the same amount of dosage as they were prior to ESWT. In many practices ESWT is used in patients who fail or cannot take oral medications for ED.

To see if ESWT is working patients may try to stop taking oral medications after the 6th treatment, but most men will notice that the amount of medications they need to take is lower and erections are better.

Most patients see improvements with the first three treatments. It is very rare that a patient does not notice change.

Lack of response (rare), discomfort (needles and pins felt especially during initial treatment), burning sensation during urination (if treating plaque close to urethra).

Diabetic men have impotence due to the formation fatty acids in arteries that disrupt blood flow to the penis. This is also known as “Arteriogenic Impotence”. The shockwave treatment can break up the fatty acids that disturb blood flow.

Patients with Penile prosthesis should NEVER have penile ESWT performed. Patients on anticoagulation are candidates for ESWT.

There is no need for numbing cream. The first treatment is performed with a lower setting and the intensity increased accordingly.

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