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What improvements can be seen?

• Increase in sexual performance
• Increase blood flow and hardness
• Increased confidence when performing
• Shockwave causes mild trauma to blood vessels which in turn releases growth factors
• Growth factors stimulate formation of new blood vessels (neoangeogenesis)
• Growth factors repair lining of existing blood vessels (Endothelium)
• Shockwave can break up plaque blocking blood flow in small vessels
• Shockwave may cause stem cells to migrate to area, which then can create new blood vessels.

Shockwave Benefits:

• Remove scar tissue or plaque
• Increase blood flow markers
• Create new blood vessel formation
• Remove blood flow restrictions
• Improve sensation and nerve functions
• Regain spontaneous response to sexual arousal
• No pills or Pre-planning required
• Safe, effective and private treatment
• No risk to men with health conditions that prohibit other therapies
• Last up to 1 Year or more
• Works for men who do not respond to an oral phosphodiesterase type-5(PDE-5) Inhibitor.

How to increase success of treatment?

• Well balanced nutrition diet
• Perform exercises that increase heart rate
• Perform pelvic floor exercises
• Recommended to stop or reduce smoking
• Limit alcohol use
• Manage stress

Is Shockwave safe?

• Yes it is safe and is an established technique used in other fields such as orthopedics to help with inflammation and improve recovery time.
• Shockwave treatment is used for patients with coronary heart disease by promoting revascularization in ischemic myocardium.